Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy Illuminator
Model 4170

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FAQs: BLU-U® Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy Illuminator

What is Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)?

PDT is the use of light-activated drugs which produce singlet oxygen to treat diseased tissues. The drug undergoes a chemical reaction when light of a particular wavelength and intensity is applied, resulting in a therapeutic effect.

Is the BLU-U a laser? 

No, the BLU-U is not a laser. Lasers deliver light as coherent beams, while the BLU-U delivers incoherent light scattered over a larger area.

Who performs the BLU-U light therapy procedure?

A qualified healthcare provider is required to perform the procedure.

How much space is required for the BLU-U?

In its open position the BLU-U footprint is approximately 3’ x 3’. We recommend a treatment area of 7’ x 9’ for convenience. When stored, the BLU-U only requires a 2’ x 3’ storage space. See Unit Specifications.

Will I receive reimbursement for BLU-U services?

Reimbursement for BLU-U therapy for actinic keratoses is available. For reimbursement support you may contact any one of our DUSAdelivers team members.

Does the BLU-U come with a warranty?

Yes, a BLU-U has a 3-year warranty on all parts and labor. Please contact our Customer Service department for additional information.

What indicates the BLU-U is ready to be used?

The system is ready for use when the Keyswitch is turned to the "l" (on) position and the System Status Indicator flashes three times and goes off.  See the BLU-U Operating Manual for more specific details.

Is it recommended that the patient have appropriate eye protection?

Yes. Although exposure to the light from the BLU-U during a patient treatment is below the recommended maximum skin and eye exposure for blue and UV light, it is recommended that both the patient and clinician(s) wear blue-blocking eye protection while the BLU-U is in operation for comfort and to further minimize eye exposure.  

Does the patient need to be watched for the entire session?

We recommend that the patient and the BLU-U indicator light be monitored throughout the treatment.

What expectations should be set for the patient prior to BLU-U light therapy?

See Patient Education for properly setting patient expectations.

Is it possible to stop the therapy midway through a session?

Yes, if a patient needs to remove himself from the unit, or asks for it to be turned off, he can do so at any time. Once the light treatment is stopped, it is not to be resumed during the session.

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